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Pioneering Excellence in Global Supply Chain Management

Founded in 2018, BIGS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY stands at the forefront of the global supply chain and logistics sector, distinguished by our relentless pursuit of operational excellence, strategic innovation, and unwavering commitment to client success. Headquartered in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Our firm specializes in orchestrating comprehensive supply chain solutions, expertly tailored to meet the intricate demands of an array of industry verticals.

Corporate Genesis and Evolution

Initiated with the ambition to transcend traditional supply chain paradigms, BIGS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY has rapidly evolved, substantiating our reputation as a pivotal entity in facilitating seamless supply chain dynamics.



Establishment and Vision

BIGS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY was founded with a pioneering vision: to revolutionize the supply chain and logistics industry through unparalleled service, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Our founders, a group of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in supply chain management, identified a critical gap in the market for a service provider that could offer customized, efficient, and technology-driven supply chain solutions.2019

Early Milestones

The initial years were marked by rapid growth and significant achievements. Within months of operations, BIGS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY secured key contracts with notable industry players, providing a range of services from general order supplies to complex logistics solutions. Our ability to deliver on our promises, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, set us apart in a competitive market.2020

Expansion and Diversification

Recognizing the dynamic nature of global markets, we embarked on a strategic expansion and diversification plan. By 2020, our product and service portfolio had broadened to include not just general order supplies but also specialized segments such as spare parts for armed vehicles, commercial and non-commercial tires, and a variety of battery types including VRLA, maintenance-free, lead acid, and dry batteries. This diversification enabled us to penetrate new markets and industries, further solidifying our position as a versatile and reliable supply chain partner.2021

Strategic Collaborations with World-Leading Brands

A significant milestone in our expansion journey was the establishment of strategic collaborations with world-leading brands in the tyre and battery industries. Leveraging our industry expertise and network, BIGS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY forged agency agreements with some of the world’s best tyre and battery manufacturers. These partnerships enabled us to offer our clients access to premium quality products from globally renowned brands, ensuring superior performance, durability, and reliability.2023

Innovation and Technology

A key driver of our success has been our commitment to innovation and technology. We have continually invested in cutting-edge supply chain technologies, including advanced logistics software and AI-driven inventory management systems. These investments have enhanced our operational efficiency, reduced costs for our clients, and enabled us to offer more precise, real-time data tracking and management solutions.2024

The Present and Future

Today, BIGS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY stands as a leading force in the global supply chain industry, recognized for our innovative solutions, operational excellence, and unwavering commitment to client success. As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities to further expand our services, enter new markets, and continue to drive innovation in supply chain management globally.


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